Zoo of Death



Not all the people around the world it is agree that it exist animal exhibitions in zoos and circus. A lot of individuals think that this animals will have a better live living in freedom and not becoming an amusement spectacle for the king of the animals, as it is the human being. However, our society has integrate this kind of visual entertainment spectacles for so long that it is very difficult to change the old traditions. But this does not mean that like in the name of leisure it can prevail the cruelty or torture of the animals just for the recreation of some people.

It is very difficult to control which are the spectacles or centers in which the animals are not receiving adequate conditions. But it is most deplorable that when there is a zoo which abuse of the animals, nobody does nothing.

It seems that in Indonesia there is a Zoo well know for everybody as the “Zoo of Death” because it is not the first case that appears. However, in the past weeks a lion was strangled until he died and this moved the people to create a petition to try to close this Zoo. Will you sign it? #noanimalskillforentertainment