Is A New Canal Worth The Sacrifice?

Nicaragua's landscape.

Nicaragua’s landscape.

The past summer, the president from Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, and Wang Jing, the owner from a company in Hong Kong, made negotiations to built a new canal which will cross the whole country. This business strategy will have a huge environment impact: thousands of hectares of rainforest will be destroyed, the tribes which live in that zones will be relocated and probably the water from the lake Nicaragua (one of the best resources of natural water in this country) will be polluted.

The consequences of this infrastructures could be devastating but the most shocking it is that Nicaragua will only receive a 10% of the profits that the canal would generate in the next 100 years. So, it is worth to cut all that trees? Would you risk the ecosystem of your own country for that? Some people have created a petition. Please sign it if you are agree. #care #protect #environment


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