Are You In?

Earth Hour celebrates this year on March 29th at 8:30 pm wherever you are.

Earth Hour celebrates this year on March 29th at 8:30 pm wherever you are.

Each year it celebrates Earth Hour: a campaign promoted for WWF which pretends aware people of how much electricity we expend and how it is affecting to our planet. They propose that if all of us will turn off the lights and electric devices of our houses simply one hour we will be contributing to make a considerable decline in the electric consume and this will help our planet.

Of  course, I think that the ideal would be not to make of Earth Hour an annual event if not a daily. We have grown up so dependent of some electric devices or a simply light bulb that we are not conscious of how this can affect our environment. But, above all, this dependence turn us less savvy, fact that can affect our knowing abilities. For to give you a simple example, some people have been grown up so dependent of the light bulbs and having light in their houses that most of this people cannot stop a second to think that if there is not electric current for breakdown you can get light using a candle or you can get electricity with a dynamo.

It is great to have a lot of resources that can make us easy our life but it is also important to be aware that exist other alternatives which do not really contribute to the global warming. For this reason, it is created Earth Hour, to in the darkest ours make us bright more. Take a look to your local map and see the activities that will be organized around you on March 29th and if not, simply join and organize your own. #nolightmakeusbright #EarthHour