More than 100 dogs and cats need help in South Africa

More than 100 dogs and cats need help in South Africa

International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, it is a NGO who collaborates with independent shelters and clinics which try to provide a home and proper care to each homeless animal around the world. They work in several countries and a lot of people can count with them if they are trying to create their own NGO for protect or rescue animals.

However, in this case, IFAW ask us for help. One of the clinics that they support in South Africa, CLAW,  has found itself in the middle of some violent protest linked to land and housing disputes. The disputes has nothing to do with CLAW but the violent events forced to the evacuation to more than 100 sick dogs and cats from this clinic.

As IFAW works in partnership with all this kind of little institutions spreading the information and giving the opportunity to recollect money for the cause on-line. They are asking now for volunteers in the zone or for short time donations to cover the expenses that this troubles have caused to the clinic. In exchange, they will gift you with a fluffy stuffed teddy dog. Please, click on the link to donate or put in contact with them if you want to help the animals of this world. #toshareistocare #helpCLAW