We all have a role to play in ending the ivory trade

African elephant in the savanna.

African elephant in the savanna.

Do you know how many elephants can you put in a box? A bit more than 7. This is what the illegal ivory trading it is provoking: thousands of this animals are killed to simply put their tusks in boxes. Some illegal poachers have even declared that they have killed so many animals that this species cannot mate and have calves.

The elephants, as the rhinos, are in extreme danger and simply because somebody have found a way to make a very lucrative business selling parts of their bodies. This could be compared and it is so atrocious as the human organs illegal traffic in which people are killed and slaughtered because other needs a part of their body for survive. However, in the case of this animals, it is more shocking because the only necessity of murder this wild creatures it is decorate a spot on a house or to wear a piece of jewelry.

For this reason, Clinton Foundation is organizing a campaign to finish with all this killings which are destroying and exterminating a whole species. Please, read more about the theme and how they pretend to finish with the illegal ivory trading here. #anybodycouldbeanelephant #notivorytrade #weareanimals