Monkeys Don’t Like To Flight

Monkey in a cage.

Monkey in a cage. Picture courtesy Care 2.

Day after day, hundreds of animals are used in different laboratories around the world to make with them all kind of experiments: from cosmetic tests until medical research. These animals suffer a painful life condemned to torture and to confine. Most of them die in the laboratories and do not have the opportunity to enjoy part of their live in freedom.

Now, the NGO People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, which fights against this kind of injustices; it is trying that some airlines compromise themselves to do not flight these animals. In special monkeys, when their final destination it is going to be for research in laboratories. They have archived that most flight companies do not accept this kind of animal “freights” and actually, the only one which only operates this kind of transports it is Air France. It is for this reason they have created an on-line petition: to tell Air France monkeys are so much sensible to be flown in certain conditions to the laboratories. Will you join the petition to help the fluffy primates?

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