Only 12.000 Remain

Elephant family

Elephant family

In 1990 the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was home to an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 elephants. Today only 12,000 of these intelligent animals remain. The poachers and the illegal ivory trade have really depleted the population of this mastodons but all of us can help to protect them and to conserve their species and their habitat.

National Geographic is accepting donations to help these creatures. They are compromised that with your contributions they will work in stop the poachers who kill them by:

-Providing new technology to track and identify the most vulnerable elephant populations and rapidly get them the protection they need to survive.

– Implementing innovative, effective, community-bases programs that make elephants far more valuable alive than as a pair of tusks.

-Helping law enforcement stop poachers and prosecute those involved in the illegal ivory trade.

This is what National Geographic proposes but you can help them too, sharing your ideas and thoughts with them or giving a little donation to help in these tasks. Would you do it? #donate #safeliveforelephants

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