Please, Don’t Kill Whales

Killed whales

Killed whales in a boat.

Whales are marvelous creatures which reign the oceans with their splendor. Unfortunately, in the past s. XIX somebody considered them Sea Monsters and they went after them with the same intensity that this british hunters use to have when it starts the season of the Fox Hunt. However,  after have killed several whales in that times they discovered how many uses could have that dead animal so, the hunt became a necessity for the Industrial Revolution. The fat was used to feed oil lamps to can have light. The whalebones where used in the umbrellas and in the ladies corsets and the meet fed other fishes which helped to made a good fishing day.

Whales became the new pigs in that century. All of them was necessary and even some of the most notorious citizens of that times declared that killing that Sea Monsters they were making a favor to the Lord because a monster of that kind was the one who had eaten Jonas. Although we are not more in Moby Dick times.

Japan signed in 1986 a ban on whaling but it has continued hunting minke, fin and humpback whales in the Southern Ocean every year excusing themselves in a treaty from 1946 which permits to kill whales for research. However, the ICJ concluded after a research that Japan is whaling more of this animals than the needed for research. For this reason they say that the number of whales killed it is not justified.

It is for this that some people have created a petition oriented to the International Whaling Commission, IWC, to make them stand firm and do not permit that Japan kill more of this sea mammals. Are you in? #savewhales #notMobyDicktimes

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