The New Galaias

Fishing boat off Otago, New Zealand

Fishing boat off Otago, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Around the 8th century BC it was invented a new revolutionary transport for cross the seas: the galleys. This huge boats dominated the Mediterranean Sea for long time but they had a problem. They needed slaves because they used the human strength as a principal method of propulsion. In that times, some human lives were meaningless than a zero before any number but why this still happen in our times?

In New Zealand has been recently discovered the story of Ruslan which has been working in a vessel for years in complete slave conditions. However it seems that he is not the only one and several immigrants in this country have been off the boat, not only treated in bad conditions if not obliged to work in fishing boats for nothing. Walk Free has created a new petition to end which this kind of abusive working system in this country. Would you help them? #againstslavery #freeseas

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