Afghan Girls as Boys

GOZARAH, Afghanistan-Village girls wait as the...

GOZARAH, Afghanistan-Village girls wait as the Afghan National Police unload a shipment of humanitarian aid at their village, Feb. 4. Food, winter clothing and supplies were delivered to 300 villagers of Gozarah district in Herat province of western Afghanistan. (ISAF photo by U.S. Air Force TSgt Laura K. Smith)(released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely watch television. It is a long story but let’s simplify it saying that I have not time. The other day, however, I finished my dinner and I entertained a bit more of my normal schedule with other kitchen stuff. My father was watching the evening news and I was shocked to hear that in Afghanistan a lot of young girls are dressed as boys to try to have a normal life because this is the only way that they have to can play in the streets, help their parents with their jobs… However, when this young women have sixteen years old they see themselves forced to chain themselves and life under the asphyxiating conditions that could suppose to live as an Afghan woman.

They do not have freedom to do nothing, not even of the speech and some pieces of cattle are better consider even better than them. I believe that this is terrible unfair.

We all know the case of Malala and how much this young girl is fighting for the equality and for try to freedom the people from old cultural baggage’s. This, the actual situation of the Afghan women, only makes the problem bigger because it is only reaffirming that live as a boy it is far better than a woman but the curious is that everybody know that this girls are only adopting boyish looks but everybody looks good at it. Instead of solving the real problem that it is give the same rights to the woman this people is, inappropriately, remarking how important it is to be a men and I personally think that it is not fair.

I, personally, suffered when I was seven years old that your own family cuts your hair as a boy and dress you like one of them. My case was different than this girls but I know how it feels to be treated as something that you are not. In the piece of news most of them looked happy because that was the only way that they  thought that they would have some years of freedom but how long this freedom will last and at which price? Maybe what most of them they have not thought it is that if from the beginning you do not fight for your identity and for your rights the illusion of freedom from the now will be quickly transformed in a double conviction. Because it does not matter how people wants to disguise it: “The worst infliction to any men it is to repeal their freedom.” #fightforyourrights #dontbefreetolaterstayinyourownprison

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