End Sexual Violence in Conflict Global Summit

UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and Foreign Se...

UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and Foreign Secretary William Hague at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict (Photo credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Today it starts in London a Global Summit about the Sexual Violence in war times. This initiative is promoted by William Hague, who worked for more than two years to make it true. As guest of this conference is the actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie who joins the summit as a UNESCO ambassador. You can red a full interview to Jolie in this news piece of the London Evening Standard but I think she is right.

Unfortunately, a lot of people suffers for the different situations that provoque the war conflicts. The refugees, the raped women, the orphan children… and it seems that the world keeps spinning and nobody remembers that this affected people is out there, that this experiences that are suffering can happen to anybody of us in any moment. We need that celebrities remember us how cruel is the war, that rape it is not a joke… and, however, most of the people read or watch the news, finish complaining about the look of the celebrity and the next day this people has completely forgotten about the cause. For this reason, it is important to be involved: to change what we do not like, to make justice to all this women who had suffered the abuses from men, to try to make war times less traumatic for the children affected.

In the link that I shared with you, Sarah Sands wrote this Jolie’s declaration: “If I felt I could effect change, I would certainly consider it.” Then, she as a journalists adds: “But isn’t she in a more powerful position as a globally known actress and humanitarian?”. It is truth that just for the fact that Jolie always have the media around her, she could make the changes more visible. She could have the facility to talk about an humanitarian theme and make that a lot of people listen her but despite that she plays the role of a fairy in her last film she is not a real one and she cannot make real changes. This changes that the society needs can only be made by the politicians, lawyers… who are the ones in charge to create laws but we have the right to let them know about our discontents to force them to create new laws or change them. The change starts for each one of us. The change starts for act. The change starts for fight for our right and for the rights of others. It is time to be compromised and change what we do not like #TimetoAct