Don’t Kill Scottish Seals

Harbor seals at La Jolla, CA

Harbor seals at La Jolla, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ship propellers have been killing large numbers of seals and porpoises around Scotland‘s coast. When the creatures get trapped between the blades and their covers, they suffer painful and prolonged deaths marked by “corkscrew” cuts around their bodies.

Scientists are investigating industries that may be to blame for these deaths. In the past five years, about 80 seal and four porpoise carcasses have washed up and have been confirmed killed by propeller blades. Of these, 32 were harbor seals, whose populations have been in serious decline.

These horrific deaths are unsustainable and unnecessary. Please sign the petition to ask the Scottish Government to crack down on the use of propellors and to make it a priority to investigate which offshore industries are at the root of the problem.