Save Pagan Islands

English: Pagan Island, the largest and one of ...

English: Pagan Island, the largest and one of the most volcanically active of the Northern Mariana Islands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States Military is planning to occupy all of Pagan Island for military training and live-fire exercises, including bombing. These excercises are sure to devastate the island and its indigenous inhabitants.

Pagan Island is one of the most biologically and ecologically diverse locations in the Marianas. It is home to many threatened and endangered species, and has supported ancestors of Pagan Islanders for over 3,000 years.

Military training is sure to compromise the health of Islanders and devastate the island’s resources. Ballistic disturbances will erode the coast and damage Pagan’s coral reefs, and toxins left behind will pollute the island for centuries. Please sign the petition to convince the U.S. Military to spare Pagan Island!