Let’s Talk About the Art of Giving

1024px-Siberischer_tiger_de_edit02A lot of people does not have the concept of gift. I do not mean about make a gift to someone because it is a special date or the birthday… I mean gift without expect nothing in exchange. Gift because they like to share, gift because they like the feeling of know that the gift is going to help others, gift because a smile in the other does not have price. However, this unselfish acts are not very common in our days and the only way to make people move, get involved or make them donate or gift is giving back something in exchange. So, technically, you are not giving you are simply buying but if this works to help to save some endangered species.

From WWF they propose you a cool option to help the animals, they will give you a teddy of the animal of your choose in exchange but, of course, if you are not a teddy person I recommend you to give it your kid, or to your girlfriend. Anyway, if you go to a store to buy any fluffy cute stuffy animal for that special someone it is going to cost you the same. So why do not buy them to a NGO who is going to invest that money in really help this animals? I leave you this proposal here in the air. You can think about it but I know, for experience, how many men are desperate in certain dates because they do not know what to gift to their girls. They start to look for roses, stuffy animals, jewels and all kind of stuff and they feel like they never know what their girl really wants. Well, like ask is so difficult why do not you start this routine? Almost if she throws you the teddy to your head it will be fluffy and it will not hurt you. And, also, you had helped to save an species and help your planet.


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