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Not sure how many of you have heard yesterday’s speech by the new UN ambassador Emma Watson but it is illuminating and truth. It seems that our actual society is not at all agree with that fabulous word called equality. In our days, unfortunately, it stills existing a lot of discrimination and not only by gender, if not for race, place from where you have been born or sexuality. It seems, that inside our new democratic models there is no place to respect the other; offering them the same education conditions, salary or, simply, respect. It seems, that it does not matter from which country you are and how many words are in our dictionaries because some people insist in change the original meaning of certain words for their own political uses but, it seems, that the worst of all of this it is that nobody does nothing.

I have been also classified as “bossy” just for say what I think, for try to make known to others my personal opinions, for try to express my support with certain themes and causes inside the human rights or ecology. As a “joke”, some people* call me Sargent which it is the spanish more closer inner meaning to “bossy” referring to a woman. I think some of you can understand now why my other site name is Sgt. Pepper’s… That’s my personal pun on the top of the joke.

When I was fifteen, I was told by several people, most of them women, that why I needed to study more. Girls only need a basic education to later be married and serve their husband. When I was eighteen, people told me that I was lesbian because I did not had a boyfriend, I was not going to marry soon and I expressed certain liberal opinions that make them uncomfortable. I told them that my intention it was not be someone’s wife and even less expend my life that the women in the old centuries. I wanted to know, learn and if it could be possible help others. Then they told me that I had to be a nun, dedicate my life to God and serve the church and the Pope in their great work. I denied the offer because in that institution and big family it is not authorized to listen the Rolling Stones**  or other rock bands. Then, they called me “hippie”*** because I bought a Buddha, I listened The Beatles, readed Gandhi quotes and I expressed my opinion about Peace. Actually, if I declare my support about women rights, equality, that we are not a object and that we have the control of our bodies they also accuse me of “feminist” because, as Ms Watson has said: now feminism means that women hate men. I think that somebody wanted to misinterpret the real meaning of this word with a mix between “misanthrope” and “misandry” but I have found that nobody have misunderstood all the actions made by some men as “misogyny”. Even is some of this men insist in hit women or to put them in a lower position: social, in the work place or as a human. In fact, it seems that it is the natural and all women must accept that rules, even the ones which talk about have marriage under eighteen years old, decide when you must or not have sex or decide if you want, or not, to have a baby. Definitely, that is not equality and it is not democracy, neither, because it does not respect the right of everybody to express their opinion.

It was long ago, in England, when a group of women was burned alive in a factory because they insisted that they had the right to vote. Now, it was time that the UN decided to move and created an initiative to try to fight for the equality. Maybe, in England that “incident” in the factory happened almost two centuries ago but, actually, in most other countries it stills happening. Let’s make the world hear our voice. Please join He for She and support the cause.

* Even inside my family.

** Unfortunately, some people have declared them satanic.

*** What most of you probably you do not know neither it is that Hippie in Spain has an old connotation which also means “drug addict” and lazy.



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