Build a Boma

Lion image courtesy National Geographic.

Lion image courtesy National Geographic.

Dear follower,

In November Worldless it is going to make the 4th year anniversary. It has been a long ride and I have decided that share and support environmental causes it is fine but why do not become more active? I have always felt admiration for animals and after have seen this initiative of Save Big Cats by National Geographic I have decided that this is the right one to start. However, I am going to explain you the situation first so you could understand it better.

Lions and all kind of big cats, felines if you prefer, are in danger in Africa. Not only because there are poachers who try to kill them. This also happens by the low education levels of some tribes. They have livestocks living in the wild, the predators see this sheep and cows as an easy prey and the people from the tribe thinks that the feline it is a threat because it is killing their way to live, so they go after the lion to kill it. The solution to this problem it is very simple: build a “boma” which is the african term to “shed”. It is curious but felines which see the livestock in sheds or bomas do not think that these animals are easy preys and they simply go to look for other target. Humans do not see the feline as a murderer and they do not go to kill it. All together, helps to preserve this magnificent animals.

You can know more about this initiative here. But I will be very glad if you could join my personal project, donating or sharing it. I do not manage the money it goes directly to National Geographic but I think that if you could help me in one year to get enough money to build a boma we will make great things in the future. I hope you join and thank you to all of you for your unconditional support.

Peace and Love,

Esther Lopez