Help Rescue 15 Child Slaves in Ghana

Image by Walk Free.

Image by Walk Free.

I do not like copy and paste texts but I think for this time the letter that I have received speaks for itself. It is in your hands to help them or not.

Dear follower,

For a child living in slavery, every day brings danger, physical suffering, and mental torment. Every day, the crimes against these children are committed anew.

Right now, a Walk Free partner organisation called Challenging Heights is planning a mission to rescue 15 children from slavery in Ghana. They need your help —please make a special gift to support their mission now.

The fishing industry in Lake Volta, Ghana, is built on the backs of children who are exploited for their labour. These children live in appalling conditions, treated as disposable property. Death and injuries are commonplace, and escape is virtually impossible — there’s simply no place to go.

Challenging Heights is on a mission to eliminate child slavery in Ghana. Led by a former child slave, this organisation rescues child slaves and provides medical care, education, and shelter. They’ve identified a group of 15 children who have been trafficked into slavery in the Lake Volta fishing industry.

Your donation today will help Challenging Heights free these children.

Helping these children emerge permanently from slavery will take resources Challenging Heights simply doesn’t have. They’ve set a goal of $25,000 to help rescue, rehabilitate, and support the children. Your gift will help Challenging Heights trace where the children have been taken to, work with local authorities to achieve their release, and bring them hundreds of miles back home.

Once they are free, they will be given immediate medical attention and counselling to help heal their wounds. Challenging Heights will work with the community to ensure they have a secure and loving home to return to, and provide support for their education.

From slavery to freedom, from misery to a safe and loving home. You can help make it happen for 15 children. Another day in slavery is too long, for anyone. Please don’t wait: make your gift now.

Thank you for your compassion, your courage, and your commitment.

In solidarity,

Mika, Olly, Ryan and the Walk Free team


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