Something Incredible Happened to Me Today

It is truth there is a lot of people living in the streets which are invisible to most of this world. This problem is not something delimited to a country. It is, in fact, a global issue which must be resolved. Please, take a look to this site which I reblogged. I felt touched by the different stories.

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Something Incredible Happened to Me Today

by John Sweeney – (Founder of Suspended Coffees)


Something incredible happened to me today, but I don’t know how to put it into words….I’ll try…

I was walking down a really busy city center street in Cork, Ireland, with a friend of mine. Recently, I was to give a talk about Suspended Coffees at an amazing event over in Guernsey, which is scheduled for later this week. They have a project there which aims to make it the best place to live in the world by 2020. Suspended Coffees is obviously something they believe in and so I needed to pick up a shirt to make me look a little presentable for my talk.

Suddenly, I saw what looked like a girl and that appeared to be homeless. I checked my pocket and found 2 Euros that I said I’d give to her. I…

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