Where Do You Belong?

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How many of you have been born in a country knowing where you are from? How many of you have been rejected from your own country as citizen? It seems a science fiction theme created to put fear in the people but this is not any tale. Unfortunately, there are more than 10 million people in our days whom do not belong to anywhere. Wars, bureaucratic mistakes, discrimination… have done that this numbers has raised until that point. These people are called the ‘Stateless’ because they are denied nationality and with it, they are denied their basic rights. They cannot have access to a basic education, medical care or a legal employment and all because they do not have a nationality.

Personally, I know from first hand what it feels to be so unprotected. Few years ago, when I came back from the USA the country where I was born and the one where I came back denied me my access to medical care. It did not matter that I wanted to go to the public services than use the private medical care. Nobody wanted to attend me because in my expedient it said “Immigrant and without means”. A bureaucracy misunderstood that almost costed my life because none of the both countries wanted to know nothing about. When you are in this kind of situation you feel hopeless, that nobody cares for you, you are just a number which it is only important when it arrives elections and it is time to vote. I do not wish to feel that sensations to nobody and for this reason I have signed this Open Letter by the UNHRC to finish with this abandonment that millions of people suffer around the world. I hope you join me and join other notorious members to finish with this legal no-sense. Thank you



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