Don’t Let French Chefs Serve Endangered Songbirds

Songbird. Picture courtesy of Care 2

Songbird. Picture courtesy of Care 2

I must confess I love to cook. To me the kitchen and experiment with all kind of goods it is something that I enjoy much more than go out to crazy parties/raves or some restaurants. However, I like to go out in certain occasions to some of this serving food sites to enjoy new flavors or simply for laziness. It is not that I am not open to try new experiences it is just that the past ones that I had did not leave on me a good vibe but that is another matter.

I understand that in the kitchen and to anybody who loves to cook there is always some kind of research for find new flavors and textures. I even cook all kind of animals. Well, not really… Thinking about it I have never tried to cook a caiman, kangaroo or other weird things that you can find in some restaurant menus but like I am confessing in this New Year‘s post I have to say that sometimes I would like to make like Hannibal Lecter and prepare some annoying human beings. Who does not remember that scene where he makes a feast for his friends and the main dish it is the flutist who spoiled the whole classical music concert? Lovely.

Anybody who knows me or read any of my babbling for long knows that I am feed by movies, history and popular culture. You know that most of the times I express myself in metaphors and that I have the superpower of transform  a single word in a whole story, or twist it. You know also that I love animals more than human beings but, unfortunately, I have to eat flesh protein quite often if not my blood levels drop. Nobody is perfect, I guess.

However, let’s talk about this french trend of cooking songbirds. Not sure what to think… Maybe they are delicious but I think birds are for make us the mornings more lovely with their chants. I have signed this petition against to cook this birds. Will you?