Blow Sh*t Up With Arnold

Arnold S. Picture courtesy Omaze.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Picture courtesy Omaze.

Let’s say that your dream has always been with Arnold Schwarzenegger hand in hand blowing up all kind of things, movie style: bada** style. Now, your dream can become true. I cannot promise you will kill another Predator or you will travel back in time to save the O’Connor‘s but hopefully he will teach you all the necessary to be a good Expendable. You will blow up toilets, cars and a bunch of things. The best of all, nobody could tell you nothing wrong about it because you will be at the side of the ex-Governor aka Terminator. Let’s see who dares to mess with you after this experience.

You can participate to win this experience clicking here. All the founds collected will be to help After School All Stars (ASAS) which provides after school programs to keep children safe and make them succeed in their education. Good luck everyone. “I’d be back”


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