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Lion cub. Picture courtesy National Geographic.

Lion cub. Picture courtesy National Geographic.

If I must declare myself fan of an initiative it will be something: “Care the planet related”. I am not really one of of this groupies which are: “OMG! They are showing up on the stage”. Probably, I am not because I have been so many years suffering in my own skin how cruel is to be on stage. I had even had to play and sing when I was a kid and when I get older I had to play very dramatic things. No, thanks… I do not really like the stage and I am not going to scream to any of them because I know how embarrassing it is. Because it is.

Last time I traveled to assist to one of this mass events. I had to suffer the next days how creepy people approached to me saying: “Do you want I take you a picture posing with the lock you have put on the bridge?” and I was like… “No”. However, they tried to sneak out a picture of me with their cell phones and cameras. Are not you crept enough?

Well, I have always though that if people will get less obsessed by other people and they will worry more for important matters, this planet will work much better.

It is curious because I do not really like cats but I love lions and big cats. I do not know… Same happens to me with dogs. I like the big ones and no the small fluffy stuff.

I have a partnership with National Geographic to try to save big cats. And they have just sent to me an email telling me how important dogs are to save lions. Because, do you know who kills lions, isn’t it? Only humans kill this mammals but, in most cases, they do it because they consider this animal a threat. Here the story:

“Human breed lambs and sheep. Lions are hungry and they go to eat the easy pray because lions are carnivores but they are not stupid. Why do they have to run behind an antelope if they can eat all the easy sheep that they want? The human gets angry and he kills the lion. The result: lions are in danger of extinction.”

However, here, people like the ones who work in National Geographic and people like me enter to the game. We donate –as you can do it clicking here– to build bomas or for to train dogs who will scare the lions. It sounds bizarre but lions can be scared by a dog. Then, the lion does not eat sheep and it must ‘work’ hunting antelopes.

See, the problem after all it is to be lazy because lions are lazy. Lioness do not but: Hey! Both need each other to keep the species. Let’s help them. Please, donate.


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