Save Wolves

Wolf cubs. Picture courtesy Sierra Club.

Wolf cubs. Picture courtesy Sierra Club.

Do you know how many Endangered Species are actually around the world? Unfortunately, so many. There are people out there who considers some species are not worth to be saved. Maybe, because this species are carnivores or because they have behaviors which we, as human beings, cannot understand at all. For this reason, this kind of species receive less support than other which are more harmless or which look more cute. It really works this way.

Actually, members of the USA Congress are working to remove a existing legislation which protects wolves. The reasons why they are doing this are quite unclear. Sometimes, I think most governments have a limited stock number of laws and the country cannot have more of this number. For this reason, they remove some laws and put others without so much sense. It is the same, fashion addicts do with their closest each season… Because if not, why is the reason to remove something which could let unprotected Endangered Species as are the wolves? It does not have so much sense at all.

If you believe wolves must be protected please, take action and sign this. It does not matter from where you are. If you are not american just try to convince some american folks to sign it for you; but we must fight for the things we believe and for protect what it needs support and help.Thank you in advance.