Get An Unique Stormtrooper Helmet

One of the several exclusive Stormtrooper helmets. Picture courtesy Star Wars by Lucasfilm and Disney.

One of the several exclusive Stormtrooper helmets. Picture courtesy Star Wars by Lucasfilm and Disney.

As you know, the Force is everywhere. It is not only inside of us, it is what gives live to plants, it is on the air, on the earth, surrounding us… Every creature on the galaxy has the power to change things. Starting for the small ones until the bigger things.

Obviously, not all the creatures and species are so emphatic to the Force as others. Take for example the Stormtroopers: they are only designed to follow orders and do not think so much about them. They even do not care or think if Palpatine it is a Lord Sith. They only follow orders and that’s it.

Jedis, in order hand, try to keep the balance in the galaxy and “sometimes” there is no more options than to kill. There is the only way to keep the peace and the order when the Sith try to conquer everything and to implant absolutist measures. That is not to keep the balance at all.

It is true, some of you have doubts about the Jedis. We are not “exclusively” monks. In fact, the Jedi Council it is completely open to accept any creature for any species meanwhile they have this sensibility with the Force. They also believe in gender equality but, above all, they also believe in love. We love all the things for equal because “love” feeds the Force. However, what we do not do is to “fell in love” because it can awake some other feelings which may lead to the dark side of the Force. Take as an example the story of Jolee Bindo. That story will teach you why is not good to “fell in love” and to disobey the wisdom of the Jedi Council.

As a way to inspire young people. Star Wars partnered with UNICEF  to help kids in need around the galaxy but they do not only pretend this. In words of Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm: “The Star Wars movies have always inspired a desire in people to help others, and we are extremely grateful that our fan community has been so generous with their time and efforts on behalf of the many charitable causes they support… Our hope is that Force For Change will harness that spirit of giving into a worldwide movement that uses the power and reach of Star Wars to help those around the world in need.”

So, now you know, young Padawans. Are you inspired enough to participate in Force for Change? You can be the New Hope of the Galaxy and fight the Sith and the injustice. In other hand, if you are just a geek… Click here to read how you can get one exclusive Stormtrooper helmet and to help UNICEF. May the Force for change be with you!


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