Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival

Dogs. Picture courtesy Care 2.

Dogs. Picture courtesy Care 2.

It is very sad. I think it is understood that some kind of events like the World Cups of Football or the World Dog Shows are conceded to certain countries because the respective Federations responsible of this events know that they will help this countries if they select “that country” to prepare the event.

If it was not enough with the shocking discoveries on Qatar with the modern slave workers from Nepal who are building the stadium for this FIFA event. Now, we discover another animal cruelty.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has decided to celebrate the World Dog Show in China. Country which celebrates the Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival in which they eat around 10,000 each year. I know it is not a joke but has the FCI thought that the dog winners would be better meat? It is completely senseless. For this reason we invite you toDon’t let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin’s dog-meat festivals! by Care 2 to see if people comes in reason and they stop to eat dogs. Thank you in advance.