Cecil the Lion

Cecil the Lion. Picture courtesy Care 2

Cecil the Lion. Picture courtesy Care 2

If you are aware of the last news you probably have heard about the tragic dead of Cecil the Lion by a North American dentist. We all know it is unfair all this kind of huntings and treatments to the animals. We all know that this must finish but it seems it never ends.

Cecil was very loved because he had been studied by the Oxford University for very long time. So his cruel and tragic lost makes to feel to the scientific community as if they have lost a member of their family. And all of that, without mention that the lion cubs of Cecil probably will be killed by other male lion who will try to be the new king of the territory in Zimbabwe.

It is our responsibility to finish with this leisure huntings. As it is is our responsibility to make justice to the dead of any creature. It is our responsibility because if we do not start to act now on this series of things and we just keep looking to one side maybe, our children, we will not know what is a lion or any other species. For this reason, I will be very grateful if you sign this petition to demand justice for Cecil but, if you want, you are invited to join National Geographic to #SaveBigCats and preserve this species for the future. You can find the National Geographic banner bellow. Thank you in advance for your help and for your support.

Update: Unfortunately this past Saturday it was killed Jericho, Cecil’s Brother, by other poacher. This sad news doesn’t give so much hope to the lion cubs. Please, sign this petition to ask Zimbabwe government to punish poachers and take care of lions.