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#GirlsAre new campaign. Picture courtesy Clinton Foundation.

Sadly, in our days, it is more frequent to find online posts which are more dedicated about what girls or women are not that what we really are. Gender equality needs a strong push up because if this society wants to advance it is necessary to teach to all the young girls that they do not need to depend of no one to be what they want to be in live.

As you may know, from the beginning, Worldless encourages and supports several campaigns sharing information about them to give the opportunity to spread this information on new resources and platforms. Also, for to reach certain audiences which could be segmented or to left aside by several circumstances like it could be their country, age or sex. The mission is to share, to teach and to help to so many people as possible that this kind of resources exist and that they could find the help and support they need if they contact with these NGOs.

Today, after a huge publishing break, it is a pleasure to introduce you a new campaign created by the Clinton Foundation and which follows the line of other campaigns like No Ceilings (Clinton Foundation) or He for She (United Nations).

The finality of this new bet for to encourage females starts on the simple fact which is: that, arrived at 14 years old, so many girls around the world are encouraged to left aside the sports. It seems it keeps in our society an old stigma in which the girls must be less active than boys. In long term, this not only non-motivates  young women to keep with their dreams if not it also can cause health issues.

This campaign has been created in partnership with the American Heart Association with the hope of to create healthier generations and to encourage women at sports, whom they are always a bit forgotten even if they have won Olympic Awards.

Please, take a moment to take this quiz and to learn more. We hope you love the initiative and you encourage as many young people as you know to follow healthy habits and to practise sport. #GirlsAre #Strong #Hero #Fierce #Bold


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