Stand for Freedom

Rainbow flag

Rainbow flag

Arrived this hours everybody knows more or less about the tragic incidents which happened past day in Orlando, Florida. It is truth that we live in a moment in which the society is quite altered by several political discrepancies or religious issues but we should never forget that we all are human and any live is precious.

The fact that his time it has been and homophobe attack does not deny the fact of the eternal problem the US government is trying to deal since long time ago: the gun control. With a limited access to weapons it will happen less incidents. Of course, I am writing this from an European perspective and I could also tell this past’s weekend incidents on France, on Marseille, are the prove that when a human being wants to harm other he does not need any weapon for to do it.

Violence or not, with guns or not, does not leave aside that the collective homosexual has being persecuted all their lives only for to be brave enough to speak about how they are and how they feel. Because one think or feel different than other is not motive enough for to persecute, bully or to murder him. It is not fair.

For this reason, and in solidarity with the victims, their familiars and anyone whom feels identified with this gay collective; it has been written this post. To remember violence and hate is not an option. That the only which matters is free speech, peace and love.