Family Reunions

For Every Child in Danger. Picture courtesy of UNICEF

For Every Child in Danger. Picture courtesy of UNICEF

UNICEF UK started, few weeks ago, a campaign to bring back with their families the children’s refugees. Apparently, for some reason of bureaucracy matters the families were transported to their new places from Calais to the United Kingdom but their children and the younger ones kept stuck at France for months.

This campaign was a whole success in which more than 100,000 people have signed up and MPs from all major parties pushed the issue at Home Office. The campaign has been covered on the media and debated in Parliament but there are so many things to do because there are kids which keep without to be with their families suffering all sort of sexual exploitations.

Currently, the Government is working on the process of to reunite that children with their families but the process is slow. It works at the current rate of 3-4 kids per week which it will take a year to reunite all this young people with their families.

For this reason, UNICEF UK has started a new initiative. With only 10 more officials at the Home Office all these children will be reunited with their families in time for to start school on September and to do not have to wait more in bad conditions or by their own. It is for this UNICEF encourages everybody to talk about this issue and to keep up the pressure on Theresa May. Not only for to create new job positions if not for to also help to the ones whom more need it. Feel free to talk about it and to share it everywhere. To let know to the world what is happening with the real refugees.