Ready to Soar

Ready to Soar. Picture courtesy Tahirih Justice Centre

Ready to Soar. Picture courtesy Tahirih Justice Centre

Twenty years ago Tahirih Justice Centre was founded with the proceeds from a book and a personal history of to fight for justice. Since that times this NGO is working hard for to warranty asylum on the USA to so many woman whom are persecuted on their countries for several reasons when the only that they looked for was for a better way to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Over two decades of support, Tahirih has made possible to become a leader in the fight to end violence against immigrant women but there is so much to do yet.

Actually, they have collected 6,5M$ and they need your help to arrive to 10M$. The reason is not other that they need to expand themselves for to attend to the following issues:

  • The epidemic of violence against women continues to grow at an alarming rate, and they can’t meet the need for their services without your help.
  • Right now, they can only protect 1 of 4 women who reach out to them for help. They want to change that reality.
  • Lives are at risk. Without a lawyer, a woman in danger has a 16% chance of winning asylum. With Tahirih, her chances soar to 99%.
  • With your support, they can protect 250% more women and girls across the United States.

If you have a moment. Please, click here to know more about this NGO and to help them. The work of so many NGO’s passes unnoticed by so many people without the media cover.


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