Scotty, where are you?

Picture courtesy of Omaze and the copyright on the same picture.

Picture courtesy of Omaze and the copyright on the same picture.

I think the followers from this site, the ones which keep here since the origin of all the mayhem, already know Omaze. Which means that this post is going to be more cool than usual and with more fun. Because at certain work spaces people keeps using humour despite in others not.

Like a good trekkie. This time, Omaze partners with Star Trek Beyond to beam you up to the San Diego Comic-Con world premiere. Why? Because with ship or without the crew of the Enterprise is awesome. There is not more talking about this. Just… Now I have got it. Seriously, Scotty, we have been calling you for so long and there was not any clue about you. Any! Are you telling me all this time you had your communicator broken? What the… Well, I hope you can beam up a bunch of good trekkies whom are going to click here to help The Mission Continues: a NGO which works hard hard to empower veterans whom are adjusting their lives back at home. Like it is said: “Space the final frontier..” Or simply, long life and prosper.

This post was written the past week. After the tragic incidents of this weekend Worldless feels overwhelmed by the tragic lost of one of the actors on this film, Anton Yelchin. If you do not mind, I would like all of you will join me to remember and to pray for this young profession partner, his friends and his family. All my best.