Every Girl in School

Image: UN / Christopher Herwig

Image: UN / Christopher Herwig

There are so many critics about women today. Mostly, they are about the way we dress, if we use make-up or not, if we “care” enough of men, if we are going to “save” them or if, in other hand, what we pretend is to make some sort of anti-campaign against the male gender to put them down. Clearly, all this sort of comments prove people needs to go back to the school or to worry more in to work instead of to catch for ghosts or to look for conspiracies everywhere.

The statistics are clear: in 2015, there were only 19 female heads of state across the world. Globally, women are paid less than men – in most countries, women only earn between 60 and 75% of men’s wages, for the same work. And today, 63 million girls are out of school. This ciphers speak for themselves and if we want to improve our society we must change them and to work hard for to assure or future generations will have the same right to study what they want, just like equals, and not differenced by sex, race or sexual orientation.

In collaboration with Global Citizen and Chime for Change it has been created this petition to support all these young girls and to help to assure all of them will deserve a future education. Please, join it. Spread the word and support it. Thank you.