Art is ART

Feel free to share this as much as you want in any way as you consider you are expressing yourself. Do not forget #ArtIsART if you share it online.

Feel free to share this as much as you want in any way as you consider you are expressing yourself. Do not forget #ArtIsART if you share it online.

The ones whom started with me this adventure, around 2010-2011, know that I try to do my best to share the NGO information with an objective journalist tone. However, like this is something which affects me personally I am going to leave to one side this impersonal way of to express the things.

People whom does not know about the artistic world, in special filmmaking, tends to believe that people on this field is a bunch of lazy rotten rich weirdos whom have hired a bunch of assistants to make the work for them meanwhile the thinkers of the project are laying at the sun enjoying the California’s weather. It does not matter if people works like: a producer, director, writer, actor/actress or is the folk whom works making the FX. For some sort of people it does not matter. They put all of us inside the same box and they finish quickly with their judgements. When the truth is, most of this people do not even have idea of how much cost to bring a project to life. And when I say: “cost”, I do not mean about a budget if not a personal effort full of sacrifices of all kind. Which, in most cases, include friendship, relations or simple communications with anyone. Why? Because there are certain people whom do not play ethical out there. They believe they can guess what a story is about only watching the marketing pitch promotions that a no one like me created. And with that, they created the whole story on their heads and they assumed it was some sort of protest story against the Imperialism and Disney. Certainly, I had to suffer the same sort of political accusations or online pressure that certain rock bands were having and whom had been classified of to be anti-system unfairly just for the style of their music. The problem was that I was on my own doing all of this, not with a band. Still, some people seems to insist in to believe that I am working for some sort of huge people at Hollywood, that it was impossible a simply girl like me could make so much noise or to get so much media attention… That I should had to have some help. Maybe from some robots or well… I do not really know what all those folks imagine on their heads.

The big problem kept increasing until those folks did not only insisted in to say my content was from them, to try to make politics of my work, to try to find “hidden messages” in anything that I posted or “secret love declarations”… No, the things get worst when I started to show branding content from other brands and to make promotion to them. Then, certain people gave for granted that I was “selling” myself and that a person cannot help to make promotion to any company without to be using it as a “hidden political message” too. To what you can imagine my reaction. I think most of you would have been shocked and depressed on my position too.

I will write more about all of this issue soon. Probably I will make it at Sgt. Pepper’s blog which, you know I use for more personal issues.

Still, let me explain you a bit about this campaign which I am going to release today and which does not have any intentions of to get any benefit. It is just a public expression and protest about all this sort of symbolism, politics and metaphors which people insist in to see in the work of certain people.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, without to forget any other Beatles’ members, have always been a huge and strong influences on my work. Most of my writings are clearly influenced by some of their songs and, on this case, this movement is inspired by “War is over” campaign.

Feel free of to use this image for anything you want. Share it as much as you want if you really feel your work has been used for the purposes of others. I am going to share it because it affects me but no one should do it if does not feel too. The hashtag is #ArtIsART and you can share the image or a retouch of this image expressing why you are tired people insist in to read your work like “secret” communications, metaphors or any sort of political message when you are simply talking about yourselves or brand/marketing issues in long term.

Do you really want to make a change an impact on the society? It is so simple like to take the enough courage to speak loud for what you believe. It does not matter if they are human rights, gender equality or other sort of worldwide problems and things. We do not need no one teach us how to see the world or that they make us change our vision about it. We are the ones whom are expressing how WE see the world, like individuals, not like a whole. It is the sort of people whom read everything with a meaning the one whom should go back to school again. And not the people whom has the things clear and whom is only working for to have a life, a legal company and to do the things how they should be done. Not like others say. #ArtIsART has arrived. It is the time each one speaks for oneself.


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