How You’re Making a Difference

Balloons flying over mountains. Picture courtesy Global Citizen

Balloons flying over mountains. Picture courtesy Global Citizen

There are people whom believe some types of activism are wrong, that in fact, those sort of things are created for to damage the old conservative state or the way of to do the things.

For this reason, they apply certain prejudices to everything and tag everybody putting them in the same box. Why? Because it is easy to see everything from a huge point of view than to start to check one by one to see whom are the real people whom want to improve this world for to help this old institutions to become better; and whom are only a bunch of protestants whom only want to make noise to use the social cause for their own interests or personal political convictions. It is clear, this is not ethical but it seems so many people, including at journalism college studies, decided to do not assist to that class at all.

In our days, there are several NGO’s working for different causes and issues. Not all of them need of a donation to work. Some of them only work by support: your support. And it is for this reason Global Citizen needs people like you, to join them. Nobody likes to be a bystander when one has the opportunity to make a difference, isn’t it? Here, on this link, you can find more information about all the things this NGO is doing. They do not only gave you tickets for amazing concerts if not they keep working for the Global Food Security Act, #SheWill – Girls Education, Netherlands WSH commitment accountability, Polio EradicationIraqYazidi GenocideUN Secretary General Selection, G7 Hunger Pledge, Tanzania – Child Marriage, Pakistan – Honor Killings and some many more. What are you waiting? Become a Global Citizen.