Bathroom Break

Picture courtesy Global Citizen

Picture courtesy Global Citizen

How many times have you heard politicians, from different countries, promise all sort of things which later had so many different excuses for not fulfill? If we had to make a list of all those times in which the promises had been broken alleging all sort of rockanbolesque issues we will give with that piece of long paper several wraps to the whole Earth globe. On real size, it is not necessary any model for to take the example.

One of those cases is what the Dutch government promised last year. They said they will provide 30 million people with clean toilets and 50 million with clean water by 2030. It is right that they have given to themselves a long term for to act but the facts are that it has passed one year and they have not done anything yet. So, like there is some Global Citizens which believe that one should not wait to 2030 to make everything and for to accomplish the promises… Well, they have joined Coldplay, Chime for Change… To call the Netherlands government and to ask to Mr. Ploumen what is happening. Do you want to join the call too? You just need to click here and to sign.

The sad reality is without the proper water sanitation most girls are drop out of their schools for to have the monthlies. Certainly absurd, but here is the prove that the access to toilets and to safe water can change the life of so many. Do not let them leave their education because they had become women.