I Wish to Have a Carnival

Picture courtesy Make a Wish

Picture courtesy Make a Wish

There are so many children around the world whom cannot have simple things. For what some people it could seem habitual: to go to parties, have all sort of meals or travels to normal places with their families, that is not possible. Sometimes, it could be for poverty conditions. Sometimes, it could be for different cultures. Sometimes, it could be because someone at the family is sick and he spend more hours at hospital than doing what it is considered habitual. There are so many children whom have aggressive illness since they are very young. This makes them impossible to enjoy simple things like to have a carnival and to experience what it feels.

In Jacob’s case, a carnival gave him a chance to escape to a colourful world of balloon animals, carousels and cotton candy. It was the ultimate childhood experience, and Jacob’s parents were able to share the pure joy of watching their son simply be a kid. The sweet memories of that summer day will follow his family forever.

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