Rituals x Tiny Miracles

Kids Mumbai by Tiny miracles. Picture courtesy by Rituals

Kids Mumbai by Tiny miracles. Picture courtesy by Rituals

I am going to let clear this fact for anyone, I started my studies on journalism and, like a journalist, I search for the social news which I am interested in to share and to post here. However, in this researching process I have found so many times the good work certain brands are doing on social causes. That makes me interest me more about them and I have found myself having two blogs: one for to keep with the social issues and other for more leisure things in which I explain from recipes, to essays, some fiction work and beauty or fashion. I do not involve the social cause there because I already do it here and I am writing all of this because I had been bullied so many times about to increase the consumerism or things like that. But my point of view keeps being the same: what is wrong in to write about or to do free advertisement to brands which make good with their sells?

I noticed long ago, so many people did not know of the goodwill of some of these brands were doing in certain communities and, like I wanted to discover more about, I thought that it would be great to share that knowledge with others. So, it is not a way of to “sell things” if not about to inform of what some private companies are doing around the world for the good sake of others.

One of this cases is the company Rituals which have created the collection Tiny Rituals for to help on this fantastic way to an Indian community. I would like to tell you more but I think the video explains all the important and a bit more. In any case,  if you would be more interested about other products of this brand -not this collection- you can read my post on Sgt. Pepper’s blog. I hope you get inspired and you will enjoy the tiny moments of happiness which surround us.