Seeding Opportunities: Papaya

Photo Credit: Max W. Orenstein / Clinton Foundation

Photo Credit: Max W. Orenstein / Clinton Foundation

Some people ask themselves what certain NGO’s do. I have received so many critics in the past complaining about the Clinton foundation campaigns or the Gates Foundation ones. It seems, certain people associates those figures to politics and huge business when, in fact, one thing are their professions and other very different what those people wants to do on their free time.

On this case, Clinton Foundation is working worldwide helping farmers to improve their lives like it is the case of Jorge, a man from El Salvador whom seeds papaya and whom thanks to the collaboration between several organisations now he can sell his goods to a guaranteed vendor whom is going to sell Jorge’s products to bigger companies. However, what it is certain is Jorge is going to have that selling. He is not going to need to look for the things by his own, not being sure if he can sell or not his crops, and with the money he will receive, he could make more investments on his home and future.

If you would like to know more about how Clinton Foundation is helping the papaya farmers, click here. You never know, but sometimes the opportunity of to read and to share information can help to so many others worldwide.