Born Free Africa + Donate a Photo

Picture courtesy Born Free Africa

Picture courtesy Born Free Africa

It uses to be repetitive how certain NGO campaigns work. Despite most of this organisations do good in several important causes they tend to fall in the communicative circle, or campaign, which only involves the words: donate and give money. It is something which I think it happens to everybody so do not worry. It is quite common.

However, the interesting part on this point are not the campaigns if not how people reacts to them. For personal experience only sharing the information, I know in most cases people starts to read everything wrong believing that all this “donate” it is only a trick for to get money for other uses. It is the nature of the human being…

For this reason, today, it brings a new opportunity to all the tech lovers whom want to help but they do not have so many peanuts for to share. It is a collaboration with Born Free Africa + Donate a Photo which is an app which belongs to Johnson & Johnson. The first ones have for goal to finish with the HIV transmission from mother to child on African countries like Nigeria or Kenya while the second one integrates different campaigns inside its app and, for each picture you donate (it is free), Johnson & Johnson puts 1$ of its pockets to help on that cause. Cool, isn’t it?

There is a small inconvenient in all of this. The app can only be download for certain tech store countries and not worldwide. Anyway, I must recognise I am not a great computer tech or anything fancy about that. Also, it seems my devices are quite old and I cannot donate enough pics. Still, the whole plan seems great. Keep with the good work everyone.

Download here: App Store.

Download here: Google Play.


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