Omaze x SurfAid

Picture courtesy of Omaze with SurfAid

Picture courtesy of Omaze with SurfAid

Sometimes it is possible to learn from amazing and inspiring stories around the world from blogs, official or not. On this case, you already know Omaze, they are the team behind most of the fantastic experiences with people from Hollywood, cats… Sometimes with the whole Enterprise crew… In resume, they design cool T-shirts for good causes and experiences. Which is supercalifragilisticouspialidousos…

They have also a blog when they narrate their daily lives, the experiences they have created for others or how they added a beaver to their fridge offices… It is the blog world…

However, in time to time, they help us to discover amazing stories like this one of SurfAid. Or how a surfing trip from a doctor from Singapore to Sumatra and then to Eruparaboat make him discover the deficient ways of people from that island. He left everything only for to create this project and since 2000 they have provided water sanitation, Malaria nets and so much more to that poor town which was devastated by the Mentawai Tsunami. Inspiring isn’t it? Love to hear of the good work.