Seeding Opportunity: Coffee

Revitalizing Haiti's Coffee Industry One Cup at a Time. Picture courtesy Clinton Foundation.

Revitalizing Haiti’s Coffee Industry One Cup at a Time. Picture courtesy Clinton Foundation.

Brew a cup of coffee can suppose you 15 minutes or less of your time. It can bring you a lot of pleasure to enjoy it. The caffeine that you need to continue with your day or so many important moments of your life, but do you know the process which is behind most of your cups?

To start, it is not so easy like 1, 2, 3 to can obtain the final product. However, omitting the process of roast and commercialisation. It is more important to focus this story on the origins of the seeds.

A coffee tree needs four years to mature and to can produce their characteristic red cherries. In Haiti, it was traditional that each family had some of this trees planted on their home fields. The families did not only lived of their own sustainability, or thanks to their orchards (Creolle gardens), if not they used the coffee to sell it and to make extra incomes to their lives. Ruefully, for deforestation causes and after the tragic earthquake, which affected terribly the country, those traditions changed.

Actually, Clinton Foundation and Haiti Coffee Academy in partnership with La Colombe are training the new generations of Haitians to the right seeding, farming and caring of the coffee trees and cherries. With this process it is expected to recover the old traditional industry of Haitian coffee. If you want to read or to know more you can do it here for to learn more ways about this initiative.


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