What Does It Mean to Be an Explorer?

Picture courtesy National Geographic.

Picture courtesy National Geographic.

Not so many people know what is to be an explorer. Somehow, what people has in mind use to fall in the classic filmmaking cliché in which adventure films full our expectations with dreams. Like, it could be Indiana Jones, for example. Most of the world have seen his films. Everybody loves him… Well, actually, some folks do not after certain discoveries… Anyway, we imagine explorers and archeologist with that cinematographic romanticism and it becomes shocking when you cross some words with a real archeologist whom tells you: “If you don’t like to dig and the sand. Neither to don’t have holidays when everybody is having them. Don’t put on this kid.” It awakes you from the storytelling myth like a cold ice bucket drop. For a good cause or not.

The case is, to be an explorer or conservationist it is not so easy as it seems. On this series of videos form Explorers Week organised by National Geographic and Rolex you can check it. Basically, to find a bunch of bones from a guy whom died millenniums ago the had to make all sort of dangerous contortionist’s acts, risking their lives while they were going deep inside of caves and without space enough for to be tied or to use the usual security protocols. Then, it arrives any filmmaker. She writes a screenplay basing on that adventures and they say we exaggerate and lie. Maybe the problem is we read more and listen more than others. So, we know how to wrap everything making of it the appropriate cinematic style… Just saying.

Whatever it is. Whatever you are: an intrepid biologist whom cares of lions, and adventurer archeologist whom looks from hidden treasures or a simple anthropologist whom loves bones and whom makes very weird things for to reach them. Please, keep exploring, you inspire us to keep going.