Blue Marble Dreams

Picture courtesy Blue Marble Dreams

Picture courtesy Blue Marble Dreams

Sometimes, original companies are created for the most unexpected sweet places and, sometimes, those sweet affairs help to make this world sweeter and merrier scoop by scoop.

Alexis and Jennie are friends and the co-founders of one of the most iconic ice cream places from New York, Blue Marble Ice Cream. Inspired on the Earth like a way to name their enterprise they decided to bet for the organic dairy and the best ingredients to create the perfect ice-cream flavour which will blend on your buds. But what did they do when they accomplished that dream? They decided the world needed more sweetness, to empower woman and, basically, more hugs and ice-creams which is the goal goal motto.

They created Blue Marble Dreams which is a NGO working in several places of the world like Haiti, Rwanda… Which encourages and helps women on those areas to open their own ice-cream shops and to create job opportunities. Why? To make the world sweeter, obviously. And for to make everybody understand that with dreams and goodwill one can reach the most unexpected parts of the world and that, can melt even the most cold hearts.

Their job is remarkable and since 2008 this pair of entrepreneur women have done very great things, including the creation of so many lovely flavours. Do you want to know more or to help them. Please, do not doubt to click here. Most of the times, to make this world better the only which is needed is something smooth and sweet, like an ice-cream.