Seeding Opportunity: Peanuts

Haitian peanut production. Picture courtesy Clinton Foundation.

Haitian peanut production. Picture courtesy Clinton Foundation.

One of the problems of farmers is to can have access to good quality seeds at an affordable prize. If the prize is elevated, sometimes they cannot compete with bigger crop productions. Sometimes, it is the weather the one whom makes difficult to can recollect a good harvest of any product.

Haiti was deeply affected by the earthquake on 2010. Since then, they are working hard to try to rebuild their industry and economy but it is not an easy task. They need help and support and one way they have found to advance is with farming. Some of this smallholder farmers do not have more than one acre. However, the difficult access to good quality seeds and the difficulties in to can sell their products made anything they did were not profitable.

In partnership with Clinton Giustra Enterprise, now these farmers have access to better seeds whom can also have better education and training, that is between 200-400 farmers, whom find easy to put their products on the market because is the same enterprise the one whom manages everything. This is transforming their economy making growing them to a rhythm which they could not have done it without help. Do you want to know more? Click here. And thanks for to keep reading and supporting.