Music, Love and Pride

Lin Manuel Miranda speech on the Tony Awards Ceremony. Picture courtesy CBS.

Lin Manuel Miranda speech on the Tony Awards 2016 Ceremony. Picture courtesy CBS.

It is a tendency on the press to talk a lot when certain events happen. Somehow, when they stop to be tendency they are forgotten or replaced by new ones. People do not use to remember them and it is well known that not so many recall about them.

For personal reasons and certain strange things which happen in my life I have always knew what happened in the world with delay. That is a fact, which most of the times affects the scheduling of my blogs too. However, like it seems this blog world does not have so strict rules like any edition’s room of any press or media department. I take certain freedoms in to post things which are not actuality but which they arrive to me and I consider they are important to call about them or to make people remember them.

On this case it is a simple speech which was broadcasted on the past Tony Awards ceremony by Lin Manuel Miranda. It was without doubt emotive but certainly a call about the tragedy of the Orlando shootings and to empower love, courage, comprehension and a lot of pride. Because if you want to become a Global Citizen it is important to respect and to love everyone. Peace and Love.



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