Women’s Group

Picture courtesy Tahiri Justice Centre

Picture courtesy Tahiri Justice Centre

One of the biggest problems females have around the world is the culture. Call it traditions, lack of education, gender inequality… The different names put to the problem do not really matter when the real fact is so many women around the world  confront themselves with a huge obstacle: a barrier which does not let them improve themselves, to be owners of their lives and to develop their potentials to do whatever they want to do in life.

It is amazing the so many stories which are worldwide about the same problem and not only in developing countries. The problems keep persisting worldwide. For this reason, NGO’s like Tahiri Justice Centre have fundamental roles on our society because they allow to break those walls which limit women to become whom they want to be and not what any other male imposes to them.

Here, you can hear some real cases and stories about real people whom is now safe from all that persecution. I hope this will inspire you to fight for what you want to be. Good luck.