Namibia Day

March 21, 2012 Holiday – Independence Day in Namibia. Picture courtesy BBC news.

March 21, 2012 Holiday – Independence Day in Namibia. Picture courtesy BBC news.

Some days are marked at the calendar and they could seem non important for certain people around the world. However, they are very important for so many others whom have been touched for those events which are commemorated, remembered or celebrated on that day. So, it seems a good point to bring a bit of knowledge and history to why certain days are important on certain calendars.

Despite Namibia’s Independence Day is on 21st of March, 26th of August is on the UN Calendar like Namibia Day or Heroes Day. The reason is not other than a historic issue on 1966 which keeps celebrating. On those times, Namibia was under control of South Africa but they wanted to grant to their culture and to themselves independence. South African leaders were not agree on those times and the UN had to put itself on the middle to try to resolve the conflict. Back on that times Namibia was called South West African Territories. Not agree with all those impositions it was created a training camp on Omugulugwombashe which only had the finality of to train 90 soldiers. That camp was attacked by eight helicopters of the South African Defence Force killing 17 people and being the beginning of a war. This day, remembers those first soldiers of the new country whom died and whom are remembered like heroes.

History is there for to learn. We must to be open minded, to respect other cultures and point of views but to do not forget to reclaim and to fight for the ethics and for what it is fair, not for ourselves if not for everyone. See it like that, it is not only important to remember the important day of the nations in which we have been born, if not anyone, because behind all of them there is an important lesson to learn from our past.