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Picture courtesy National Geographic

Picture courtesy National Geographic

One of the things which harms more lions’ populations are poachers. Some of those people do not want to hunt a lion if not an impala but their ways of to set their traps affect to so many other species which die unfairly making the population of endangered species decreases considerably.

Matt Becker, National Geographic grantee, has an idea for to fight poachers and he is already seeing results on the field with it. As a member of the Save Big Cats Initiative it is my mission to show you in what this plan consist and how that helps to the preservation of this majestic felines.

The plan has four key components:

  • Uncovering and removing snares in community game management areas through increased patrols, which have saved more than 130 lions to date;
  • Using trained dogs to sniff out poachers and their illegal bounty;
  • Coordinating with a local veterinarian to treat lions who have been caught in snares, which has already reduced mortality by more than 80 percent; and
  • Surveying community needs and working with local lawmakers to find legislative remedies to reduce poaching.

We all know poaching is illegal and it is the real danger against so many species in this planet. For this reason, if you are a big cat lover. National Geographic and Worldless encourage you to donate to keep with the preservation of this animals. Thank you in advance.


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