I Wish To Be A Garbage Man

Picture courtesy Make a Wish

Picture courtesy Make a Wish

There are things which can seem shocking for certain people around the world. Mostly, because those things contradict their culture, their point of view, beliefs or the way in which they dream or wish things. When, the facts are that not all the human beings on this planet wish the same sort of things. And whoever will tell you that, it is lying or has a very narrow mind for more he will be selling of himself a different thing.

Some kids want to be astronauts, others want to become famous criminals, why not some famous and rich… However, there are so many kids whom only dream to be simple and to have normal things. Personally talking, in one of the places where I was raised everybody wanted to be hairdresser or teacher and not any other sort of very glorious or fancy thing. All the jobs and dreams have the same dignity for more than certain people tries to deny it.

It is for this reason that the following story is going to seem weird to certain part of this audience but maybe not to others. It is the story of Ethan, a kid of six years old whom has been battling cystic fibrosis since he was born. And do you know which was his biggest dream and passion? To be a garbage man. In fact, it seemed he had a strong interested on that sort of trucks and to really learn about all of that. Not sure who was more excited, if Ethan when Make a Wish helped for to make his dream come truth or Sam, the one whom was his mentor for a few hours driving Ethan’s Garbage truck.

Sometimes the most simple issues can make the dreams come truth to so many. It is not necessary to go for complicated, expensive or pompous issues. On that resides the grace of the dreams: that not twice dream exactly the same and that the simple is better to make them truth.

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