Preserve Ozone

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Ozone, also known like O3 is a molecule which creates a protection shield to our planet. In fact, it is the responsible that the UV rays, and other sort of ones, do not reach directly the surface of the Earth where it coexist life. If that would happen it could make an extreme living condition for any creature.

Thanks to the Ozone layer we can coexist on this huge marble called Earth and live is granted at difference of other planets in our solar system. However, this defence is in danger from so long ago. That, together the abusive emissions of CO2 are the ones whom are accelerating the climate change process leading s many species closer to the extinction.

Today, is declared by UN the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Not need to remember how important it is to teach about it and to share several actions for to preserve it and to protect it. However, on this past Earth Day, it was signed an agreement on paris in which 175 countries compromised themselves to work hard for to resolve this problem which affect all of us. Organisations like The Climate Reality Project are the ones whom are working hard to assure these countries keep with their promises and they do what they promised to do for to help our planet. Would you like to join them and to help them? Click here to donate, explore and to know how you can learn more.